I donate 51% of all profit from my designs to charities that make a difference

Our community of knitters worldwide make amazing contributions to help each other and better the planet each year. This is my way of taking my blessings and sharing them with those who need them most. Many of my patterns were inspired by specific causes and support different charities. Find out more about each one on my Charities page

Know that every time you knit one of these patterns you are making a difference because what we can accomplish together is so much Greater than Yarn.

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about me

I'm Courtney

I’m a former rocket scientist who, with my husband, gained financial freedom and quit full-time work to pursue a life of passion. 

Passion to me has always meant knitting and designing but how to use my opportunities and passions to better the community?

The solution came thanks to a friend’s company called Greater Than Wine and a question, “Why not turn what I love to do into a way to help? “.

Greater Than Yarn was born.


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Have a question? Want to work together? Have a charity suggestion? I’d love to chat!